Meet Barb!I am blessed to be a family person whose madly in love with my husband, my soon-to-be 21 year old son, and a dedicated BFF that treasures her friendships. I love dogs and animals, and I am a passionate down home Cuban cuisine cook, as well as a singer/songwriter producer and Grammy Nominee currently recording and producing my solo debut album in the Contemporary Cuban Dance genre. I was 5 years old when I snapped my first photograph, and I am a firm believer of seeing and capturing the world through my camera lens with all the beauty it so rightfully deserves. My styles are a fusion of photo-journalism, trendy, organic and vivid…but most of all it’s about YOU!

As a bride once myself, I planned my own 3-day wedding, I understand the oceans of motions during this time and my goal is to help you through one of the most important aspects of your day, wedding photography. Of all your vendors, I will be the one who is with you every step of this ever so important day, so it is important that we get to know each other. My previous experience as a Event Planner and Wedding Officiant also plays a key role in my current profession as a Wedding Photographer, as I feel my experience will benefit my clients during one of the most important days of their lives.

I love meeting new people, learning about their backgrounds and documenting the wedding telling their story by photographs, it’s simply the best and most rewarding job in the world!

Meet Wayne!Shooting weddings is more FUN than a barrel of monkey’s! Or at least as much fun as conking those pop up gopher’s on the head at the state fairs. The reason “animals” come to mind is because I have been known to be up in trees or rolling around on the floor in pursuit of the most appealing angle’s of you cute little love birds in nuptial bliss.

I am originally from Hawaii and I would like to think that the “aloha” just pours out of me. That in combination with the desire to shoot everything and everyone that is in front of my camera lens should make for some fun and memorable moments.

Most people couldn’t imagine working with their spouses, I can’t imagine working without mine! We have a blast meeting new couples, hearing how they met, meeting their friends and families, and of course, capturing their wedding day…together. Each and every wedding brings us closer and we wouldn’t have it any other way!